“If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in Water”
~ Loren Eiseley

About ftlow M.Fauvet:TLC

Fly fishing, with all the countless elements that surrounds this activity makes for a very rich environment. Forever researching all of these varied aspects to expand my own knowledge of this fascinating world, TheLimpCobra is a place to showcase items of interest I learn every day combined with personal perspectives when I feel I can bring something to the table. I’ve always been fond of the ‘Each One, Teach One’ concept. Hopefully, TLC will be able to reach more than One.

The magic of the watery world’s ecosystem are indeed beautiful and well worth celebrating every day. It’s a pleasure to share my vision of it all through my images.

As for the site’s title, The Limp Cobra is a presentation cast I devised some years ago as one of several means to present the fly with a good amount of slack in the line and leader to hopefully counter the effects of seemingly endless micro-currents and counter-currents so prevalent in small stream fishing.
It results in a slack-line/pile cast line layout that is performed with both a low back-cast and low front-cast to stay away from tree branches and other snaggy things, has two distinct loops: one horizontal and one vertical and it kinda looks like a cobra that rears its head, strikes, then collapses in a lazy heap… thus the name !

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll come back.
Marc Fauvet

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