that leave me baffled as well but these are well worth the read.
besides, there’s a few chuckles to be had.

Euro Nymphing...  pfffft.  I only fish dry flies.
Euro Nymphing… pfffft. I only fish dry flies.

for a really good rant about some fly fishing sillinesses (well, there are just five although we could easily add several 0’s to those five), head on over to Fly Fish Food to read Cheech’s page by clicking the image above. enjoy !

opening day

for trout waters in France was last saturday.

not including stocked fisheries, i know plenty of areas where trout go past the official ‘trout sections’ (downstream) and even if i target other species of fish, the maybe more than occasional wild brown or escaped rainbow will eventually take the fly so, opening day to me isn’t so much about trout themselves but more about being able to fish the lovely areas that are closed off from the end of September through early March where these lovely-slimy creatures live.
add to that the beginning of spring, a healthy increase of sun rays, birds coming back from warmer climes, happy bees, tree buds and not having to dress up like an inuit and it all adds up to a ‘oh yeah, this feels good’ type of feeling. usually.
from an outsider’s point of view (read non-fisher’s), last Saturday was what might be considered as a gift of the gods. after a normal chilliesh early morning, by 10 or so the temps where already at 18°, there was no wind (rare), the sun was doing it’s spring thing, i was wearing  just a long sleeve t-shirt instead of four sweaters and a jacket and then… the hoards started to come out of wherever hoards come from and it seemed like there must have been enormous flashing signs at malls, supermarkets and wherever it is that the hoards usually hang out telling them “Sorry, we’re closed for business, please go to the nearest trout water and disturb the peace until we replenish stocks“.

being rude is well known around the world as being typically french. they take great pride in it and probably consider it as a public service. it’s definitely considered a right. not being as french as i could be, i find this greatly annoying.
having fellow anglers thrash through the water and crowding me within less than a cast’s distance without even the slightest thought of River-Side Etiquette to a) announce their presence, b) the normal “hey mate, are you working upstream or down ?” c) “mind if i pass in? d) casting a spinning lure over my fly line (yes, that actually happened three times) and when the noises of kids throwing rocks in the water, their parents encouraging them to throw the rocks harder all the while shouting at the top of their miserable lungs in a poor attempt of be understood over blaring music to the point that the river’s sounds become a distant murmur even though i’m standing in the middle of it and even if there are a few rises here and there, this guy needs to escape. quickly.

now, you might be thinking: “geez Marc, why didn’t you go to more remote places to start with ?” and i’ll congratulate you on your logic but the thing is, i was in the more remote places. instead of the usual 100km round trip, Saturday, i drove 300+km trying to find some peace. throughout about a dozen stops i managed to catch three little trouties in some not-so-crowded areas and the only real peace was found in a fishing reserve (not allowed to fish)(and for some reason, completely overlooked by the hoards).
hopefully it will rain or snow next year for opening day.

opening day 2014 mf:tlc


from Carl McNeil – Swift Performance Fly Fishing

rather harsh ? nope, spot on.

  • Stop holding that rod butt in your teeth – you look like an idiot.
  • Fly fishing is not an extreme sport – if you somehow think it is, you need to get a life or get out more (probably both)
  • Welded loops are for little kids – learn to tie a nail knot. (Ok, they can be handy in the salt)
  • Loose that ‘grin n grip’ – Holding your fish out at the camera is just a projection of your extremely small penis. The ‘grin n grip’ while holding the rod in your teeth clearly states “Idiot with Small Penis”
  • Pictures of fish in the water are extremely  cool.
  • Nothing will make you look like more of a doofus than being all gear and no cast. Work on your fly casting – it will do more for your fly fishing than anything else you could do.
  • Stop being a tight arse and buy some decent gear – start at the pointy end and work back.
  • A stiff rod will not make you a better caster.
  • An expensive rod will not make you a better caster.
  • My fly line will not make you a better caster.
  • A lesson will make you a better caster.
  • My fly casting DVD’s will make you a better caster.
  • Practice will make you a better caster.
  • A Gin and Tonic will make you feel like you are a better caster.
  • Fast and stiff describe two different things – learn ‘em.
  • Understand what a standard weight forward line is and that it is ABSOLUTELY USELESS for casting distance.
  • “Todays modern fast action rods” Do not need a line that is half a line weight heavier in order to load the rod.
  • The correct advertising blurb for “weight and a half lines” should be “Buy this line, it will make you seem like a better caster than you actually are”
    “Buy this line, it will make our ridiculously stiff fly rod actually bend”
  • The secret to fly casting is knowing how to bend the fly rod correctly. Honestly
  • Be aware that weight and a half lines are for little kids. You’re a big kid and are being fed marketing crap – you’re better than that.
  • “Designed in (insert country here)” – means made in China.
  • If we all put as much effort into actually looking after the places we fish that we put into talking about our sport,  the world would be in much better shape. Please, don’t just be a talker – Have some balls, be a doer.

post note-
i’m not quite sure how the ladies that do “The ‘grin n grip’ while holding the rod in your teeth” will deal with the small penis bit but i guess they’ll just have to work that out for themselves and find a proper equivalent…

does tenkara fishing affect a fish’s vision ?

in yet another blundering attempt in showing us how the tenkara style is so unique here’s a funny chart that makes one wonder if this method doesn’t affect the brain and how it works.
– once again, what does it teach us and what have we learned ? nothing.
– does a fish always come to the fly from the same angle and has it anything to do with tackle ? surely not.
– angler A has a much shorter rod than angler D. does this mean we would have to change rod, line and leader just to fish a little bit further back that angler A ?
that’s not a very enticing perspective for the angler wanting to try this method, is it ?

as a sort of conclusion and what’s nice, is the traditional angler (or ‘western style’ as they call it) that wants to give this simplistic method a go has nothing to worry about. they can keep on casting, approaching fish and catching them and it won’t affect our slimy friend’s vision at all.

fish vision & tenkara

just to set things straight, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this method of fishing, in fact i consider it really cool.
the born-again wheel-reinventing bozos on the other hand…

caddis art…

yet another display of an ‘artiste’s’ deviation of what is more than beautiful in it’s natural form, here destroyed by mindlessly adding ‘precious’ items in a fit of irresponsible ‘cleverness’ all the while further continuing the worship created around objects that, once the glitter is washed away are based on slavery, death and keeping poor people poorer.

this is not clever, pretty or interesting. this is worthless, tacky, conceptual trash and nothing more.

nature in it’s very uncalculated  manner produces beauty very well on it’s own and it is not a toy for the selfish to play with.
i’ll take my caddis cases ‘au naturel’, thank you…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

the images in the slideshow are from The Biofresh Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities. click the link to learn more about (natural) caddis larvae cases and how they are produced. enjoy !

one for the FFF fly casting definitions committee…

from Oxford Dictionaries ‘The world’s most trusted dictionaries’



Definition of fly-casting


a dream come true !

that’s right ! extreme stupidity, mining, phosphates an “open, transparent and scientifically based approach to protect the environment.”  has just come up with what’s going to be the new super-hot species to catch !

imagine watching the fish(es) fighting, pulling and tugging for which one will catch your fly first ! the double-strong head shakes ! the ultimate challege being fishing a two fly rig and having both mouths take at once !
just think how you’ll awe your friends on facebook and twitter with the ‘fishes in your face like it’s a shotgun, gonna blow your cap, rod slung over the shoulder’ photos ! they’ll have to buy even bigger super-wide angle lenses to get it all in. wow !

more on this exciting new two-headed gamefish here.

Triple Decker, BLT, Soup Sandwich

or Club Sandwich ®…

for an even better climax we could add this quote from the amazingly boring Manifesto of Surrealism by André Breton.

“The small room into which the young man was shown was covered with yellow wallpaper: there were geraniums in the windows, which were covered with muslin curtains; the setting sun cast a harsh light over the entire setting…. There was nothing special about the room. The furniture, of yellow wood, was all very old. A sofa with a tall back turned down, an oval table opposite the sofa, a dressing table and a mirror set against the pierglass, some chairs along the walls, two or three etchings of no value portraying some German girls with birds in their hands – such were the furnishings. (Dostoevski, Crime and Punishment)”

good night and sweet dreams my friends.

sport fishing ?

i’ll let you decide for yourself.

below is a particularly poignant comment on this tournament from buddy Jim in Florida.

” That is without doubt the most disgusting tv show I’ve ever seen that was related to fishing. It’s on down here all tarpon season and is impossible to avoid when flipping through the channels trying the find a decent weather forecast.  This is the typical shit funded by corporate,  tax-deductable advertising money dispensed by CEO’s totally out of touch with the planet and nearly everyone in it that still has a viable brain.

To understand, you need to know how american corporations work At the top is the Chairman of the board. Every one of them is afraid to hire anyone very smart for fear of being ousted himself, so by the time the hiring has progressed from Chairman of the Board down through the pecking order to the Marketing VP, he cannot hire an Advertising VP any smarter than one of The Three Stooges.

So when you get to the film script writer promoting  the “Series”,  you get this:

It is way, WAY more damning than the video actually Condemning it is. And they are proud of themselves.  Rah! RaH! Yamaha! have another Miller.

That place is filled to the gills with huge hammerheads and bulls, and all those Yamaha’s are their dinner bell. It would not surprise me one bit if fewer than 10% of the fish released survive. They are routinely hauling in huge females well over 60 years old full of eggs , treating them in a manner that would get me arrested on the spot, and releasing them exhaused and bleeding to evade 1,000 lb predators with sensors so acute they can detect stingrays burried in the muck from the miniscule electrical signals given off by their nerves. And the Yamaha/Miller stooges talk about the “villains” the sharks.

They harass the fish the entire time they are stacked up in the pass.

So, it seems that the Japanese have adopted US corporate heirarchy policy,  since Yamaha is a main sponsor of the counter-productive, senseless butchery along with Miller. When there are no fish and no need for outboards, and no one for the jet skiiers to harass, they can always switch to personal space craft. Have another Miller.

That whole pass should be shut down to all fishing during the spawn. They have done it in numerous places  around the reefs here in the Keys permanently, year round,  and not a fucking one of us has died from swearing at them yet. Nor hung up our rods for croquet mallets either. “

to make it worse, these are spawning fish. if you’re as disgusted by these activities as i am, please take the time to sign the petition. info at the end of the first video. thanks


WoW… from yesterday’s post on The River Keeper

” It must be nice, discovering such a handy niche.. a decision has been made, evolution stop.. comfort, I would love to try your way, seems highly effective but unfortunately I am a purist. Purist, possibly an early Galic term for fear, anxiety, lack of self confidence. A tool that explains away failure, lack of achievment or simply the desire to no longer evolve.. what a tool, a word like a mother with a lazy child, enabler.. “

click here for more

An evaluation of the injury and short-term survival of bonefish –

as influenced by a mechanical lip-gripping device used by recreational anglers.
from SciVerse

” Mechanical lip-gripping devices are becoming popular among recreational anglers as a means of holding fish for hook removal and photos prior to release in an effort to minimize scale or slime loss from handling. To date, however, there has been no actual evaluation of the consequences of using such a device on the health and survival of the fish. Using wild adult bonefish (Albula spp.) as the test organism, we assessed the impact of a commonly used mechanical lip-gripping device on fish injury, behavior, and survival in a seawater laboratory. Upon further review, this sentence would be more accurate if it read “A detailed assessment of injury and short-term (<48 h) mortality was conducted for bonefish handled with a mechanical lip-gripping device for 30 s either while being restrained horizontally in water or held vertically in the air. A control group was also handled, but only with bare hands. Although no fish died after 48 h, the lip-gripping device caused mouth injuries to 80% of bonefish restrained in the water and 100% of bonefish held in the air, always when fish thrashed while being held. Some of the injuries were severe (40%) and included separating the tongue from the floor of the mouth, creating tears and holes in the soft tissue of the lower jaw, and splitting the mandible. Anglers should use caution when using mechanical lip-gripping devices for bonefish, at least until additional studies are conducted to help tease apart how the risk of injury using mechanical lip-gripping devices on less exhausted individuals compares to the risk of post-release mortality for fish exercised to exhaustion. “

does the injury/death rate apply to just bonefish ? with idiots acting like this i seriously doubt it.

fish candy

buy 300 grams worth of disgusting, what might as well be nuclear waste candy for your kids and get a rigged-up, hook-splitshot-and bobber ready to go kit. by searching a little and bending down a bit, one can find plenty of gummi-worms to use as  bait in an adjoining bin…
thank goodness some people are a bit more creative when it comes to learning about the outdoor world and inspiring kids to fish but like they say, evolution is slow, specially in the fast lane.


and to think someone got paid for writing this…

” More About the Greys GS2 Fly Rod

Another feature I like about the GS2 is the corrosion resistant reel seat, especially for salt-water angling. The rod also carries single line ratings that allow even beginners to get the most from the GS2. Just to explain, a fly fishing rod is generally classified according to the maximum weight of the fishing line that can be used with it. For those who don’t know, fishing line weight is categorised according to the pounds of tensile strength it can withstand before breaking. Line weight is usually expressed in a range, for example, 8 to 15 pound line is commonly used on many spinning and casting rods.