by Benny Goodman

moonglow ftlow m.fauvet-TLC 19-2-16

“It must have been moonglow, way up in the blue

It must have been moonglow that led me straight to you

I still hear you sayin’, “Dear one, hold me fast”

And I keep on prayin’, “Oh Lord, please let this last”

We seemed to float right through the air

Heavenly songs seemed to come from everywhere

And now when there’s moonglow, way up in the blue

I’ll always remember, that moonglow gave me you

It must have been moonglow, way up in the blue

It must have been moonglow that led me straight to you

I still hear you sayin’, “Sweet child, hold me fast”

And I keep on prayin’, “Oh Lord, please let this last”

We seemed to float right through the air

Heavenly songs seemed to come from everywhere

And now when there’s moonglow, way up in the blue

I’ll always remember, that moonglow gave me you”

here’s the soundtrack for you to sing along. enjoy !


– a form of self-hypnotism involving staring at water –

well, that’s a new term for me but believe me, it hasn’t fallen on deaf eyes. in fact, the whole ‘For the Love of Water’ section has taken on this new name. at 525 posts its more than obvious that i very much do love making water images but even if the old title fit the description well, i never really liked the title itself.

Lecanoscopy 1 'layers' m.fauvet-TLC 23-12-15

above is a little something i’ve been working on for a while that i hope you’ll enjoy: in-camera multiple exposures with the idea of creating strata, or layers within the original one-plane watery subject. i used to do a lot of multiple exposure images when i was using large format view cameras. it was easy and very predictable. it was always on a sturdy tripod and the huge viewfinder was well, big… and i could draw on it with a small grease pen to mark all the previous exposures, not overlap and get just-right compositions whereas my little camera is pocket size and hand held, making it a bit trickier to get desired results but sometimes it all works out and that sometimes makes it even more special. the problem with predictability is its predictable and predictable gets boring very quickly.


just in case you’re tired of all the obnoxious holiday tunes and want something a little different, here’s the mix that was playing on my MP4 whilst layering away. most don’t like ‘Ambient Trip Space Recreational Drug Use Relaxation’ sounds but a) you don’t have to press play ! b) it works just as well without recreational drugs and c) its really not bad at all as its all layered all over the place making it fit in quite nicely with my image, but mostly d) its through this tune that i discovered the lecanoscopy term in SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE, an old school, true original text format, 80s-90s cyberpunk ezine with contemporary contributors well worth checking out, specially if you’re in the mood for being both in the past and in the present at the same time. enjoy !

two waves

by Stephen Finkin

“A¬†wave¬†can be described as a¬†disturbance¬†that travels through a¬†medium¬†from one location to another location”.¬†Stephen Finkin -wave 1

¬†a beautiful disturbance…
Stephen Finkin - wave 2

click either pic for more beautiful and below for what may or may not be an appropriate soundtrack.

something different.

ok, here’s a first for the Cobra. something that apart from being listened to on the way to the water has nothing at all to do with fly fishing: a six+ hour mix of progressive tekno. see, i’m going out to the river today and some unexpected chores have popped up, i’m not about to give up the first part but it also means i won’t have the time to write this most explosive rant i’m preparing on very poor online fly casting instruction.
anyhow, i hope you’ll enjoy this and if you’re into bluegrass i hope you won’t hate me. (rest assured, i’ll probably never do this again* so it’s safe to come back ! :mrgreen:)

* (that of course means i just jinxed myself for eternity so, i guess you can expect more progressive in one form or another somewhere in the future… ūüėÜ )

Great News !!!

shitty reel sounds
just think, until now you’ve been annoying the shit out of everyone with your Rihanna, Depeche Mode, Elton John, Star Wars, Salsa and who knows what other horrid cell phone ring tones wherever you go but now, thanks to our Deutsch Freundens at FlyOnly you’ll be able to up the game and bring this incivility to a new level !
as a bonus, you’ll have the supreme pleasure in noticing the looks of extreme curiosity mixed with fear and anger when strangers will hear rusty-ratchet sounds coming out of your pant’s front pocket.

click the pic to access to download these clickety-clackety fly reel ringtone sounds in MP3 or directly for iPhone. enjoy ! :mrgreen:


thursday afternoon

foamblob ftlow 13,12,12
i know a lot of you are caught up in pre-holiday insanity so here’s a little soothing something to take off the edge.

Brian Eno’s ‘Foam Music’ is an hour long. if you want to listen to it and¬†browse elsewhere just open another page in your browser. enjoy !

Rubbing it Raw.

as a continuation of the mini series: Rod Builders (And why they’re so Dorky), this one’s about line friction and 70’s style porn-flick music.

as far as fly casting goes, line friction through the rod guides is both a bad and a good thing.
bad, because it simply has to slow down our thick and heavy fly lines (compared to monofilament) while fast casting and shooting line.
good, because and in the case of shooting line for the delivery cast, if the caster doesn’t have perfect control of rod and line, the rod leg of the loop (the part of the line between the rod tip and loop face) will often develop slack in the form of waves and this leads to poor turnover and results in what can be considered “a long range Pile cast”. at best.
what we see in the video is that a full ceramic ring lets the line slide optimally and creates virtually no line friction wear. in an ideal world all our rod rings would be fully equipped from tip to butt with similar rings, specially when we consider our thick and heavy fly lines and how we would benefit from this a lot more than the spinning rod/lure types, BUT !¬†even though line glide and line wear might be orgasmic, the added weight of these rings makes for a rod that feels like crap to cast and a likely increase of rod rebound which makes even more waves in the rod leg. until someone develops rings that will have a combined effect of the ceramics and the lightness of our standard fly rod rings we’ll be stuck with the latter. yet another case of ‘deal with it’…

anyway, we’ll note that in the video the mono is slid back and forth at an angle that would never be used in a fishing situation and as such, i believe it better to appreciate it’s all-around surreal aspect and of let yourself ¬†be inspired by the music… enjoy !

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down.

” Water dissolving and water removing
There is water at the bottom of the ocean
Remove the water, carry the water
Remove the water from the bottom of the ocean
Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down

flowing stream gif

Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, into silent water
Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground
Letting the days go by, into silent water. “



in a way i hope i never find out but i’ve often wondered what kind of music trout enjoy.

schubert the trout

there’s always the obvious but then they might have more eclectic tastes ?

Sensorsex Test with Two Sensors

here in the south of France we need to find good ways to keep both our minds and bodies busy during the long-long winters and one of the best ways to accomplish this is the all new Sensorsex Test with Two Sensors.
far from being some cheap gadget, the SsTwTS wonderfully accomplishes several (at least two) functions and does all of them wonderfully !

it keeps your casting arm in prime shape, ready to go on opening day and as a sideline, the sensor thingy transmits information to a computer and gives graphs and such about rod rotation, tracking, speed, translation and who knows what else all in the interest of studying fly casting mechanics and physics but that‚Äôs not important because it’s main function is that it fills your house with weird funk-like tunes from some bad ‚Äô70‚Ä≤s flick, something we all need on a regular basis but generally speaking, lack.

it‚Äôs creator,¬†Tom Reidar Syversen¬†A.K.A.¬†SuperRattus¬†from¬†Norway¬†tells me that it also sends ‚Äėsexy feeling‚Äô¬†waves through the arm that spread throughout the whole body putting the user in a state of prime fly-flicking condition and awareness.
for the moment, and after some less than extensive testing, i haven‚Äôt felt these but he affirms that this happens when the wrist is well conditioned. “It’s a long winter, you know… “

soon to be on sale in the upcoming Limp Cobra Boutique, don’t hesitate to give a call to reserve your plug and play SsTwTS today !