a few Bangs and a Butt Monkey

here’s wishing you all a Fishy New Year !

a fishy new year

and since no real party is complete without a Butt Monkey, crank up the volume and enjoy this !

see ya next year, friends.

the ‘Henryville Special’

previously showcased David Stenström outdoes himself once again both in tying virtuoso and in photography skills with this little caddisy beauty originally created by Hiram Brobst of the Pocono Mountains region of Eastern Pennsylvania.

the Henryvile Special - David Stenström

i don’t like the concept of perfection but if i did, this would be very close. woW…

tan an’ dubh

dubh, pronounced doo is Scottish Gaelic for black.

tan 'an dubh

made with:
hook- Maruto D82 bl #16
thread- Veevus 12/0 dubh
tail- 7 Pardo medium fibers, select the spotted fibers near the tip of the feather to match the markings of the hackle
abdomen- hare dubbing  dubh
thorax- 2-3 fibers of Hends Spectra warm-dubh
hackle- Whiting Coq de Leon hen natural

“There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process.”

~ Paul O’Neil

there just might be some truth to that well, truth…


as in Carlos Azpilicueta

one of my favorite casting images, this one was taken several years back in the Spanish Basque region during a course with the Master. i often look at this image as it demonstrates power, flexibility, agility, synchronicity and grace and is a constant reminder what great casting form is all about.

as a bonus, the gigantic wall of hay bales in the background make it unique. i’ve often wondered how many thousands of mice must have lived there…

one for the hard-core realists

” Turbonate eyes of male mayfly “

by Laurie Knight via Nikon Microscopy

go on chaps, do your best…

click the pic for more not-necessarilly fly fishing related yet groovy close-up images.