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`because fly lines are wild snakes that need to be tamed`

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Fly Casting Terms

The Five Essentials of Fly Casting

Making Adjustments on the Fly

The Foundation Casting Stroke

A Fly Casting Model

Casting Mechanics, What Do We Need To Know ?

The Six-Steps Teaching Method

The Rod and the Cast

Casting by Hand

Casting Basics: Instructor Demo Video Sabah, Malaysia

Throw Away your Watch !

Cast Analysis

Analysing Straight Line Rod Tip Path and Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist Paths during the Stroke

How straight is Straight Line Path ?

the Sexy Loop

Hand Casting and Loop Propagation

Distance Fly Casting: Two very different styles

Better not stop !

The lowdown on Tailing Loops

Tailing Loop: a visual explanation

What does a Tailing Loop look like ?

Tailing Loops, those Oh-So Mysterious Creatures !


Explaining the Double Haul

Getting on the Right Track

Fly Casting Grip Styles: The Index on Top

Thoughts on the Drift, Rotary and Parallel
Some thoughts on Instruction and Descriptions from Mel Krieger part 1
The Pull Through part 2

The Three-Point Grip

LOco WriSt !!!

Pushing and Pulling

Joan and her sponge

Tips for fly casting in the wind

Bouncy-bouncy, boing-boing !

An Experiment in Teaching Fly Casting (the Double-Haul)

A Quick Cast

Casting with Big’Uns

Horizontal climbing loops

Relaxed Fly Casting

Turbo-Charged Fly Casting !

Shooting line management

Managing running line

Tenkara casting techniques

Fly Casting Accuracy with Simon Zarifeh

A little more on the Double Haul

Presentation Casts

Bucket Ca(s)t

DownStream Dry Fly

The Cunning Ling cast

Tuck That !

Pussy Galore and thoughts on Presentation Cast Accuracy

A Presentation Cast (the Pull-Back Slack)

the Bow and Arrow cast

jiggle it baby !

Simple Curve Casts

the Snap-Snatch cast

Lobbing it with Jim

Getting more action out of your flies through line control

Roll Casting and Speys

Backslash, backslash, backslash, backslash, backslash, forward slash !

The Anchor does Not load the rod

Spey Casting: Anchor/D-Loop Location and Angle and how it affects casting efficiency

Shared Mechanics Concepts between Overhead and Spey Casts

The Double Spey

Snap-Lift Switch Cast Sequence

Spey Casting from the angler’s Point of View

a Spey cast for dry flies

Spey Casting: the Snap-Slip-Spey

the Snake Roll Cast

a Roll Cast tool

Hand path dynamics, double hand rod

Single Handed Rod Spey Casting Session

the Voodoo Cast

Oliver Edwards demonstrates the Snap Roll Cast

the Climbing Curve

the Anchor Switch

the Dry Fly Spey

Jim’s Reversed Spey

Ambidextrous Double Hand Casting

Rod Cam: a medley of Spey casts from the butt’s perspective

More on the Snake Roll

Body and Mind

Poetry, Grace, Fluidity and the S.R.B.

How to Lose your Flies in Trees

Fly Fishing and Fly Casting: a Zen Approach

Fly Casting Accuracy: Think Small

The next Level ?

The No Casters

Jean Dujardin never turned around.

“DON’T look at the branch” !!!

Boring Poetry

Turn Around !

How to be a happier fly casting instructor.

Colourful Spaghetti For Dual Personalities

Mental preparation

Blooper Loops

Muscle Memory, Chocolate, Marital Sex and Fly Casting Games

No left, No right. fly casting with the non-dominant hand

Hi, I’m Stanley and I’ll be shattering your dreams today

Tournament Casting and the Proper Equipment

Hearing the Cast

Dual personalities psychedelically hauled and non-hauled

“Hocus Pocus”


Bruce Richards helps prepare the IFFF Certified Casting Instructor Certification

Controlling Casting Stroke Force

Practice with a purpose

Santa’s Underpowered Curve

Fly Casting Practice Drills and Tips

Casting Practice and Stance

Back Cast Training

have Fronton, will cast

Craig’s Bottle Rockets

the Vertical Hoop drill

The Fly Rod

”The definition of a fly rod – an antenna which transmits peace, tranquility, excitement, fellow-ship, and most of all, an awareness and appreciation for the outdoors”

Bendy vs Stiffy: a study of fly rod action and casting mechanics

Sensorsex Test with Two Sensors

Measuring Fly Rod “Swingweight”

It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it.

Rod Cam: a medley of Spey casts from the rod’s perspective

Gary Loomis on Rod Construction and Breakage

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