Fly Fishing Equipment

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How fly lines are made

Single and Double Hand Fly Line Weight Charts

Fly Line Gram to Grain chart

Fly Lines- Understanding Skagit and Scandinavian Shooting Heads

Inches fraction and decimal to Millimetre chart

A new Twist on Twists  (untwisting fly lines)

Sinking Fly Lines and Tips Sink Rates- Fact and Fiction

Double Tapered vs Weight Forward Fly Lines – Which is really better ?

 Fly Lines: Taper Designs 

Fly Line Selection: Head lengths, weight distribution and other goodies

Sinking Fly Line Techniques 101

The Making of a Fly Reel

How to sharpen hooks

Drying off flies with a rubber band

An easy indicator hight adjustment system

Leader design for streamers

How to properly crush hook barbs

How to properly crush hook barbs: part Two

Fly Lines- Cleaning and Maintenance

The Making of a carbon fibre blank

Repairing fly line coatings

Making a furled leader by hand (no tools or jigs)

Adjusting the Loop size of a Perfection Knot

Getting a Fly out of a Branch

Wind Knot D’Ohs, Dos and Don’ts !

Understanding how fly rods break

The Smoothest fly line/leader connection there is- a Step by Step

the real problem with ‘wind’ knots

A (very short) history of Landing Nets

Transporting Fly Rods Safely

Making Common Sense of Common Cents rod action & Wt. measurements