Fly Tying

Use this quick reference list to access how-to/tips and tricks fly tying reference articles previously posted on TLC.
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A Complete Dubbing Techniques Tutorial

Thread Control

Working with Marabou

Why you should Always wear Glasses and Only use Barbless hooks

How to sharpen hooks

Understanding fly tying thread diameters – denier, aughts, resistance and lady’s tights

Fishification through Fire (or how to burn your balls and catch more fish)

Pearsall’s problems ?

Tackle Review: The Fly Tidy fly tying station

How to Dye Feathers and Skins

The Vice (or, The Vise, if you live anywhere to the west of Ireland)

“Agitating the Barbules”

Zonkers about Zonker Strips !

Feathers from Coq de Leon – Indio and Pardo

What are Biots ?

More on Biots

Research on sink-rates of nymphs

Stripping Peacock Quills

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about CDC feathers. (but where afraid to ask the guy at the fly shop)

Coq de Leon Pardo Colour Chart

Increasing the Visibility of Dry Flies

‘Whoever said a mayfly tail couldn’t be sexy was wrong

Deer Hair Wings and Muddler Head the Easy way

Frank Sawyer’s Killer Bug

Split Thread Technique

Tying Off Materials

Making fly legs

5 tips to selecting good deer/elk hair

Hackling Tips

Fly Tying Tips and Tricks- Staying organised

How to properly crush hook barbs

How to properly crush hook barbs: part Two

How to apply dubbing

Setting Hair Wings

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Organza

Peacock Quill and How to use it

Fly Tying Tip and Tricks- Threading a Bobbin Holder

Mix dubbing easily

Hackling Methods: Roy Christie Parachute Style  part One

” ” ” ” part Two

Building a better Boobie

Weight shift/Attitude adjustment

Making an Easy flat Lead Tape substitute

All about Cones heads, Discs and Beads

A neat and nifty Spool Tender trick

how to shave your squirrel