Friendly Faces

some of the wonderful friends fly fishing has brought me.
it’s an ongoing project…

Lasse Karlsson & baby Robyn
Trevor Bourne TLC frindly Faces M.Fauvet:TLC
Trevor Bourne
Silja Longhurst
alejandro vinuales friendly faces tlc:m.fauvet
Alejandro Viñuales
Bruce Richards (left)
Mark Surtees
Campbell Stewart
Campbell Stewart
Jim Williams 'friendly faces' TLC
Jim Williams
Jen & Chris friendly faces TLC
Jen Smit & Chris Rowe
Will Shaw - Ben Dixon Gathering 2013
Will Shaw, Kevin, Ben Dixon
Peter Hayse & Jen frindly faces TLC:M.Fauvet
Peter Hayse,  Jen & breakfast guest
Andrew Baird
Carlos Azpilicueta
Lee Cummings
Peter Morse
Al Pyke 'friendly faces' TLC
Al Pyke
CK Ling friendly faces TLC
C.K. ‘Doc’ Ling
Magnus Angus Gathering 2013
Magnus Angus
friendly faces Bob Morton
Bob Morton
Ulf Hagström
Aitor Coterón (left)
Grunde Lovell 'friendly faces' TLC
Grunde Løvoll
buster brown friendly faces TLC:M.Fauvet
Craig Brown
Niklas Dahlin friendly faces tlc:m.fauvet
Niklas Dahlin
Jean R Vidal TLC 'friendly faces'
Jean René Vidal
Sandy Nelson Gathering 2013
Sandy Nelson
Barcelona Bob selfie
Bob Wyatt
Ulf Borjesson TLC 'friendly faces'
Ulf Börjesson
roy christie 'friendly faces'
Roy Christie
ulf lofdal friendly faces tlc:m.fauvet
Ulf Löfdal
Fabrice Boucher
Thomas Berggren
scot loudon friendly faces tlc:m.fauvet
Scott Loudon
Bintoro & Ling friendly faces TLC
Bintoro Tedjosiswo & ‘Doc’ Ling
steve kennedy friendly faces tlc:m.fauvet
Steve Kennedy
Ben Dixon
Emma - TLC 'Friendly faces'
Emma Lindgren
Staffan Dahlbom
Will Shaw
Jon Hanson & Ken Persson
Mike Heritage
Bill Hagashi friendly faces TLC
Tomonori ‘Bill’ Hagashi
johan klingberg friendly faces tlc:m.fauvet
Johan Klingberg
Juergen Friesenhahn & Uwe Kaptein
Denise Maxwell & Lasse
Mick Hall
4 Amigos Elizondo friendly faces TLC:M.Fauvet
Joaquin Quintas, Carlos Azpilicueta, Mikel Coronado, J Nieto Fernandez
Fredrik Hedman & Stefan Siikavaara - tLC 'friendly faces'
Fredrik Hedman & Stefan Siikavaara
Sam Davis
Bruce Richards & Peer Doering-Arjes
Ronny Landin & Magnus Uhr - TLC 'friendly faces'
Ronny Landin & Magnus Uhr

there’s plenty more images to come. they’re either not made yet or they’re hiding in my photo files somewhere…