Here you’ll find a selection of equipment reviews of some of the various articles we use as fly fishers. These reviews are intended to be a complete, honest, in-depth, non-rushed, and impartial opinion of all the different aspects of these products with the goal of helping the reader make informed decisions before purchase.
If i like them i’ll tell you why, if i don’t i’ll also tell you why.

Stickman Rods P5 ‘Evil Black’ 9′ 5wt stickman p5 reviews logo

Smith Creek – Landing Net Holster
smth creek net holster 280x

Imago – IPT 9’ 5wt Medium and Fast action rods

Smith Creek Rod Clipsmithcreek rod click reviews m.fauvet:tlc

Z-Reels – 4 Tippet Dispenser

Marc Petitjean – MP-TT Bobbin Holder

Smith Creek – Trash Fish Spent Line Wrangler
Smith Creek TrashFish TLC reviews 260x

Veevus – Fly Tying Thread and Materials

The Fly Tidy – Fly Tying Station fly tidy w:vise & tools

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