a better Bugger

another  great piece by Monsieur Cheech at Fly Fish Food

Wooly Bugger

there’s probably fourteen million tutorial videos out there on how to tie the Wooly Bugger and thirteen million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and eight of them basically suck: either there’s a disregard for proportions or they’re overly dressed, sloppily tied or simply butt-ugly, what usually remains is a fly that in my opinionated opinion isn’t worthy of being presented to the wonderful creatures their meant to attract.
anyhow, that leaves two… we’ve already seen Tim Flagler‘s excellent version a while back and here’s the other.

as pointed out in the video, the idea here was to improve on a pattern that most would think needs no improvement. to each their own of course but that way of thinking doesn’t lead to progress. on the other hand, experience, knowing how materials interact and most importantly, how their combinations will act once in the water (not at the vice or on a pic but in front of a fish, where it really matters) does make a better fly.
add durability to that and i’d say Cheech has done an excellent job.
click the image above to access the article and material list for this awesome fly. enjoy !