Fly Casting- the ‘Pull-Back Slack

by Jim Williams

this Jim just won’t stop !…
continuously putting up juicy fly casting tips and tricks for us to enhance our fishing experience, here’s another nifty one in the form of a presentation cast that gives a little bit of slack to the line and leader that’s very easy to perform and just the ticket for, as Jim calls them ‘non-complex’ flows.
what got me all excited when i saw this yesterday evening is i had ‘self-discovered’ this cast myself a few years ago when in a fit of tired laziness… i started lowering my casting hand after the completion of the cast and before line touchdown and noticed that it gave a nice, straightish yet slightly wavy layout that i later went on to use in the smaller Pyrenean streams around my house to great effect. back to the exciting part: until now i had never heard or read of anyone else other than Jim describe this cast that i had not-so-creatively named the “Pull Back Slack”.

as always, very well explained and this time including two fantabulous gifs that show it all. if you’re a river fisher take the time to read this article and practice it a little before your next outing for yet another dead-simple manner of presenting your flies with better drifts which as we all know, leads to not only more fun casting-wise but more success with the fishes !

you’ll find the complete article in this month’s edition of Eat Sleep Fish here. be sure to check out the rest of this great ezine  here, enjoy !

* the top photo of Jim performing a wiggle cast has nothing to do with this particular cast, it’s just a groovy pic of a groovy guy.