past sex

a couple of what where probably happy chironomids encased in amber while doing the do several zillion years ago.
let this be a reminder to be sure to be our best at all times should this sort of thing happen to us,  you never know if someone might reblog your frozen acts in the distant future…

past sex TLC 27-8-13

16 Million year old Trout Food

16 M year old ambered mayfly

“Entombed in amber the tiny springtail can be seen resting in a v-shaped depression at the base of one of the mayfly’s wings. It appears to have secured itself for transport using its prehensile antennae.”

as if anyone really cared about a 1mm long hitch-hiker that no fish in it’s right mind would even consider eating and much less, any self-respecting fly angler would try to imitate…
as geek as the article’s intention may be, at least we get to admire the image of a beautiful sixteen million year old bug worthy of all worthies: a mayfly with some nice bubbles to boot !

even though he didn’t do it on purpose, big thanks to Dr Dave Penney, University of Manchester for bringing this lovely creature back to life.  (sort of)
if you want to know more on the boring hitch-hiker click the pic.

the First Fly

via Jeroen Schoondergang

” forget the Egyptians and Macedonians with their feathered hooks. The oldest record of fly fishing dates 40 million years back. As you can see the fly is tied on a barbless circle hook and is a pretty realistic tie. Bummer that the owner dropped his fly in running amber… “

a pretty good example that things aren’t always what they seem and that we mostly see what we want to see.
good one Jeroen ! 😉

image: George Poiner
source: Astrobiology Magazine