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NSFAS logois all it would take to hopefully help stop yet another idiotic and disastrous man-made catastrophe in nature.
simply put, salmon farms kill wild salmon but also many other species.
farmed salmon contain some of the highest levels of dangerous toxins available to humans. this ‘food’ is shit and it’s a shit industry.

yes, this particular issue is in Ireland but fish have no nationalities and those of us who care enough to voice our opinions should set ours aside for a moment because it concerns everyone, everywhere.

“The Irish Government has recently decided to expand the salmon farming industry in Ireland and one of the first additions will be a ‘Mega’ salmon farm in Galway Bay that will produce 15,000 tonnes of farmed salmon and will have the capability of producing 30,000 tonnes of farmed salmon making this the biggest salmon farm in the world. This proposal has been put to the public with a lot of misleading information and concerns which we have listed below.”

sea-lice death“Couple that with the information that has come from the Inland Fisheries Ireland Study in the Republic, which clearly states that 39% of our salmon smolts heading to sea are dying due to sea lice infestation. These smolts are the main life blood of all future stocks. It is imperative we do all we can to protect them.”
sea-lice death 2
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