the Lady and her BUB

as in Louisa Runnalls’ Big Ugly Bug.

tied as-is in monotone fluoresciness makes it an all-out attractor pattern and even though it’s bound to catch buttloads of fish, this thing will nevertheless bring out a few urgggggs from the die-hard imitative-or-die freaks but i encourage the straight and narrow to read on.
now then, let’s take the exact same BUB pattern and shift the colour scheme to say, an assortment of browns or olives and we end up with something that looks like it was born on Earth; perhaps a drowned caterpillar that somehow grew two antenna/leg things on either end, somewhere between the brach where it fell off of and where the fish saw it in the water.
these unnecessary and unusual appendages combined with this fly’s perfect symmetry will without a doubt instil great curiosity and confusion in the fish’s micro-brains which in turn leads to the opened-mouth reflex we see amongst people at the supermarket when trying to decide between product A, B or Z,  which concludes this tirade and brings us to the old saying:
“if you can get a woman (or man) to laugh, he’s (she’s) halfway in bed”, if you can get a fish to open its mouth, you’re half way there…

 enjoy !

Trout’s Sunday Brunch

intended as a Crane fly larvae, which i’m sure it does a great job at catching if those bugs are out and about in your waters, what i see is a fly that looks wormy and yummy (it’s even gummy !) regardless whether there are actual crane flies around or not. an attractor fly of sorts without flash and bling to be used when there isn’t a defined or detectable hatch and as such, sounds pretty spot-on all year round.

brought to us by the guys at Hammer Creek Fly Fishing, its a simple and great looking fly to tie for tiers of all levels. enjoy !

I think I love you.

after what seems like centuries.., buddy Ulf Hagström has finally ! gotten around to making a fly tying video: one of his notorious articulated pike flies, the Wild Thing
with a start like this, well, i’ll just say i hope he keeps this up. enjoy !

Ulf’s latest blogpost kinda says it all:
to see a lot more yummy pike flies be sure to visit Ulf’s blog by clicking the image above.

a caddis imitation that doesn’t look at all like a caddis.

well, not in this guy’s eyes anyway. but ! whatever it may be, this Screaming Banshee originally designed by Charlie Craven sure is buggy-yummylishious and since i usually can’t help but see transformations of what i’m looking at…
the idea of adding a marabou tail, flashing LED lights, an internal rattle and maybe a few rubber-leg appendages here and there just might turn this attractor thing into a Super-Attractor Thingy. enjoy !

btw, does anyone else feel that it’s strange to consider deer hair as fibres ? 😆