brainwashem’ young- drifting babies

via TED’s Discovering the Deep

“Coral reef fish, like the yellow tang surgeonfish, begin life in a fascinating and weird way – as tiny floating larvae! These babies are capable of drifting thousands of miles on ocean currents, far from the reefs where they were born. Amy McDermott describes how these tiny trekkers travel across vast oceans, searching for the far-flung reefs they will one day call home.”

although in cartoon form, this very interesting account of coral reef baby fish and their growing-up process is anything but childish but you just might want to share this with your little ones as well as its never too early to help them discover the wonders of the water world. enjoy !

Pink Gum Drop

‘was playing around with the Gum Drop pattern and for some inexplicable reason these came out pink…
the construction is the same except for the eyes. these ones are also bead-chain based but the glaucoma effect was made by moulding little pieces of silvery plastic film, heating them (several times because most of the time it changed shape too much…) to take on the small bead’s shape, gluing them on and then covering the lot with milky -white paper glue and then covered with BugBond. it’s much too much work for fishing flies but i do like the effect.

made with-
Maruto C47 barbless hook #14 from
Veevus  12/0 thread pink
red bead-chain eyes
Super Long Hair and a wee bit of Hends Spectra dubbing