Rubbing it Raw.

as a continuation of the mini series: Rod Builders (And why they’re so Dorky), this one’s about line friction and 70’s style porn-flick music.

as far as fly casting goes, line friction through the rod guides is both a bad and a good thing.
bad, because it simply has to slow down our thick and heavy fly lines (compared to monofilament) while fast casting and shooting line.
good, because and in the case of shooting line for the delivery cast, if the caster doesn’t have perfect control of rod and line, the rod leg of the loop (the part of the line between the rod tip and loop face) will often develop slack in the form of waves and this leads to poor turnover and results in what can be considered “a long range Pile cast”. at best.
what we see in the video is that a full ceramic ring lets the line slide optimally and creates virtually no line friction wear. in an ideal world all our rod rings would be fully equipped from tip to butt with similar rings, specially when we consider our thick and heavy fly lines and how we would benefit from this a lot more than the spinning rod/lure types, BUT ! even though line glide and line wear might be orgasmic, the added weight of these rings makes for a rod that feels like crap to cast and a likely increase of rod rebound which makes even more waves in the rod leg. until someone develops rings that will have a combined effect of the ceramics and the lightness of our standard fly rod rings we’ll be stuck with the latter. yet another case of ‘deal with it’…

anyway, we’ll note that in the video the mono is slid back and forth at an angle that would never be used in a fishing situation and as such, i believe it better to appreciate it’s all-around surreal aspect and of let yourself  be inspired by the music… enjoy !