monday’s may

nice little surprise visit this morning from Mrs. May B while having the coffee and trying to catch up on emails.
she landed on my computer’s trackpad, jiggled a bit for me and stuck around for the photo shoot and went on her jolly way.
nice way to start off the week and a new month. bye babe !

monday's may M.Fauvet:TLC 1-9-14

the ‘Thumbs-Up’ Baetis Poser Fly

by groovy MadMan buddy, Markus Hoffman.

there’s a bunch of excellent tiers out there but once again, Markus serves us what is certainly the most enjoyable and delicious mix of tying, atmosphere, good-natured fun, non-obnoxious music and well, an excellent looking fly…

for more of Markus’ tying videos previously posted here be sure to click the link above. enjoy !

a semi-realistic Baetis Nymph step by step

by Johan Put

looks good, huh ? if you want learn how to make one,

click the pic to find this super-duper fly’s step by step !