fish vision- zeroing in on lunch

i often wonder how fish see our flies.
we know that the vast majority of fish can see but we have no exact idea how they see.

constantly intrigued and amazed that they could mistake our imitations or suggestive flies to the point where they’ll feel confident enough to open their mouths, further questioning their visual capabilities… i guess i’m glad they do because fly fishing would become boring really quickly if they never did.

here’s an imaginative and highly inaccurate yet hopefully, visually pleasant rendition of the last second before a fly is taken.

'how they might see our flies' M.Fauvet:TLC 6-10-14

How to properly crush hook barbs: Part Two

we’ve recently seen the how-to video and today, sent in by friend Alan Bithell is a detailed explanation why it’s way better to crush barbs with the pliers inline with the hook point rather than across. thanks Alan !

De Barbing

for more of Alan’s goodies previously contributed to TLC so far click here enjoy !

How to properly crush hook barbs

great stuff from ozarkflyflinger with very little to add. i can’t explain why but having the pliers inline with the hook point gives better results with fewer breaks of the barb and a smoother contact between the tip of the barb and the shank.
don’t forget the small pliers-small hook / big pliers-big hook ‘rule’ or you’ll either damage your pliers and/or get mediocre results. one last thing, be sure to apply smooth pressure and not some hard and quick squeeze.
personally, i only tie with factory barbless hooks because the hook design is almost always better at holding fish on than with ‘standard’ designed hooks with crushed barbs but this trick is always good to use when friends give me flies. enjoy !

EDIT– i’m very sorry, folks but the video has been removed and that’s a shame as it was very good. i’m awaiting the author’s response and will repost it back here if he agrees to share it again.

a French Partridge Ephemera/Green Drake mayfly thingy

by Thomas Schreiber

more from the ‘new faces’ series of fly tying videos, this one shows us not only a nice fly but it’s very well explained even though there are no words.
the various methods are straightforward, of special note however is the oh-so simple method of splitting the tail fibers by using a piece of tying thread. my swedo-buddy Jon Hanson showed me this little trick years ago but he usually uses a piece of flash material instead of thread, giving it a little ‘bubble effect’: nice touch.
Thomas gets extra-bonus points for using a barbless hook, a LAW vise (pure jealousy, oh yes… ) and setting this all to a little bouncy tune that matches the female egg-laying dance she does just before passing on to mayfly heaven. enjoy !

Why you should Always wear Glasses and Only use Barbless hooks.

the images speak for themselves…

755_eye 250664_10150899939505186_573756238_n 374548_2559520602579_67724225_n 487690_3523193360814_277192784_n 525804_10150977636619210_1119082281_n 545753_356389161114475_160658588_n 552444_447941398603011_684347760_nhook in eyelid 559016_422195607816972_1299459440_n 644602_356388527781205_1181476481_n 728157 afp20030401p1481-f7 fishhok injury to the eyelid of right eye hook ear-ringKiefer's fishing hook miracle 008[3]

lip-fish-hook-3tumblr_maml1j1H5i1rvbgyxo1_500 tumblr_mb4x1h1CA51r8vrhxo1_r1_500wpid-mh1Ndl

this last one shows permanent damage several years after the hook was removed.


and if you’re thinking that glasses aren’t necessary for fly casting practice, think again.
even without a hook the line and/or leader could very easily slice through an eyeball should it come across the face as in the video below. my friend Aitor was very lucky he didn’t get hurt.

eye protection sticker

How to remove a Barbed Hook from your Finger

or, Catching and Releasing the fisher !

“Don’t worry: Only a tiny bit of flesh is behind the barb. It won’t hurt too much. Clean and bandage.”

needless to say, us less-than-manly barbless hook users don’t have to worry about these things and can giggle silently when it happens to others. if we get a hook inside us, we gently slip it out.
just a reminder that barbless hooks aren’t just good for fish…

via Art of Manliness   :mrgreen:

a sexy hook !

a first quick ’emerging’ spider tied with these new hooks from Lucian at trout

a Maruto Dohitomi D04 BL # 18

1x fine, standard shank, barbless hook. it’s great for dries, light wets and nymphs, emergers and whatever else you can think of !
super-sharp right of the box, the design of this hook looks very promising. dead sexy…

Lucian offers a nice selection of barbless Maruto hooks and they all seem to be flawless.
expect to see a lot more on them here soon.