the BIG and the NERVOUS Cobra-Contest !

alright folks ! here’s your chance to show us your BIG one, yup your BIG-BIG fish !
up for grabs is the Nervous Water dvd by Beattie Outdoor Productions. five years of filming and 3 1/2 hours of non-stop fly fishing for all sorts of fishes in all sorts of waters, très cool !

– photos or video but who knows, someone might want to submit some art.
– any species, it’s not just the biggest overall weight, length or girth that counts. we want some kind of BEEF but use your imagination as to what that beef is.
it can be a HUGE minnow, some fish with huge eyes, a big ‘ole butt or a huge appetite !
-no dead, bleeding or otherwise fishing-induced hurt fish.
only happy smiling ones that put up a good fight and know they’re going back home after the quick photo shoot.
-one entry per person

send your entry to by the end of March 2012 with ‘the BIG and the NERVOUS Cobra Contest’ as reference.

check out the trailer below, there’s a few bigguns’ there that might inspire you !

and just to kick things off, here’s my non-counting entry: ‘Big-Smile Grayling’ 😀

Tying the Albright Knot

by Jim Thielemann

as a follow up to the Nail Knot step by step video where it was noted that other knots are better suited for stronger species, here’s a big classic that suits the bill.

i’ve really been enjoying Thielmann’s series of tutorial videos on knot construction. his in-depth knowledge of them combined with thoughtful tips and tricks and a straightforward, no BS manner make these vids a real treat in this world where so many try to reinvent the wheel without making it any rounder.

the Albright knot is used to connect lines of different material matter or that have a diameter difference too great for other knots. most commonly known for connecting saltwater/big game leader butts to the fly line tip and as a backing to back end of the fly line connection, it can also be used in mono-to-mono or nylon-to-fluorocarbon leader construction or when connecting bite-proof wire tippets to the rest of the leader for toothy fish.

simple to tie and very strong, it’s only inconvenience might be it’s doubled-over plus covered-in-wraps size making it ‘bump’ and maybe catch as it goes through rod rings but that’s usually not an issue with bigger game as most leaders tend to be rather short.