Scott’s Squidro

ok, he’s pushing sales but if we overlook that we’ll find lots of nice, interesting ideas on streamer design and construction in this video by Scott Howell via LeLandFly

“A cousin to the now-famous intruder fly, the Squidro features rubber legs instead of ostrich herl, a modification that accounts for its unrivaled durability and downright irresistible action in the water. With a slim profile, the Squidro sinks to swinging depth in a hurry, lengthening your swing to increase your chances of hooking up with deep-running fish.”

geared towards Steelhead, in different colour schemes and in different sizes i can’t imagine them not being equally effective on larger river browns and rainbows and even salmon. (and largemouth bass, and zanders, and pike and maybe salty fish and, and, and… )

here Scott ties a black and blue version. be warned, the video’s 28 minutes long. who knows, this might be fly fishing history’s longest-to-tie fishing fly ever !

and to push this fly to the ultimate Geekdome Fly-Hall of Fame, here’s ‘Anatomy of a Squidro‘ for the techies. enjoy (and get Squidy) !

I think I love you.

after what seems like centuries.., buddy Ulf Hagström has finally ! gotten around to making a fly tying video: one of his notorious articulated pike flies, the Wild Thing
with a start like this, well, i’ll just say i hope he keeps this up. enjoy !

Ulf’s latest blogpost kinda says it all:
to see a lot more yummy pike flies be sure to visit Ulf’s blog by clicking the image above.

ride the White Polar Pony !

Ride a Wild Pony poster

hard not to think of the timeless eighties’ piece when thinking about this awesome hollow-style streamer from awesome Monsieur Steve Silvario.
contrary to my musical inspiration, (at least as far as this fly is concerned… :mrgreen: ) our video tutorial editor has removed Steve’s voice and replaced it with some nice tunes. from a pupil’s point of view i find that interesting as it forces me to pay more attention (or at least a different form of attention) to what’s going on. for instance, the way he builds up and reinforces the thread wall after installing a wad of polar pony. (hmmm, that last bit sounds a little funny…) anyhow, yup, it’s a bit labor intensive but what a result. enjoy !

and if you’re sick of jazz, here’s the real thing…

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Fly Casting with Big’Uns

no, not Al Bundy dream biggies… but BIG, nasty, otherwise hard to cast  flies !

here’s a really nice article from my friend Jim Williams straight out of Eat, Sleep Fish‘s fourth edition on simple tips for casting big heavy flies easily and more importantly, safely.

click either pic for the full article, enjoy !

(you’ll see my name there a few times but Jim did all the work. i just sent ‘telepathic mental candy’ to sooth out the chore )