the best fisher ever.

sometimes it happens in a pub, sometimes it happens streamside. i guess it could happen anywhere where two or more anglers might chat but regardless, at some point in our fishing lives we’ve all heard the “who’s the best fisher in your opinion?” question.
my answer is invariably, this guy. he’s not a competition angler, isn’t Orvis nor Anyone endorsed, in fact he’s not in the least bit interested in praises nor endorsements. i like that.

i know, i’m not much of the conversationalist when it comes to subjects like this…

two smiles

one of the Scratchies spent the better part of the morning coming and going, calling me incessantly at the window:

“Hey YOU !!! I’ve some exciting NEWS !!!! LISTEN-LISTEN !!!!!!!

since they’ve been nesting for the last month or so (and i can’t think what other reason all the excitement might be about) i went downstairs to see if i could sneak a peek but i can’t actually get to that level without moving old junk about and using a ladder, and, and, and, and i don’t want to take the risk of upsetting their sacred place so i just stayed there for a while listening. nothing. the little noises from a week ago have gone silent, telling me what the back of my mind had already told me; the fledglings had flown away and proud Scratchie was ecstatically announcing the news.
congratulations and thank you my little friend.