Fighting fish for a quick caring release

by Peter Morse via Sage Blog

Peter, more commonly known as ‘Morsie’ is one of those rare people whom you can just about blindly believe and trust on just about everything he says.
his reputation as a big fish specialist, guide, master casting instructor is as big as his smile. here he shares his wisdom on a particular aspect of fish fighting: using the rod optimally to tire the fish as soon as possible. being in control, ‘showing who’s the boss’ is what it’s all about when it comes to successfully landing all fish of all sizes and not breaking equipment with the bigger ones.

here’s how to break rods, lose fish and feel stupid…

to read more and see how not to break rods, lose fish and feel stupid click here !

be sure to check out Morsie’s site Wildfish.

landing a fish without breaking the rod

nice tip by Justin Duggan. the ‘rod high’ position, a typical fault so common with freshwater anglers is out of the question with bigger and stronger fish. on the average trout this usually leads to the fish coming off the hook but in the salt or with stronger freshwater fish such as salmon or pike the angler often ends up with not only a lost fish but also a lost rod…