Bubbles and Bubba

Bubbles reminded me of being a little kid in the local lake just sitting there, feeling the water, head just above the surface blowing little bubbles because blowing little bubbles is tingly, they make a heck of a lot more noise underwater than above and it just feels good and exciting.

Bubba is more than comfortable with subsurface bubbling. i’m told it’s a skill that just gets better and better with age so, i guess i’ll just have to go see if that’s true.

Cascade Nymph

named that way because that’s precisely it’s playing ground.

Cascade Nymph m.fauvet:tlc 23-3-14whether presenting it from the side or casting directly upstream into the boil (or even above and let it tumble in), this type of flashy, heavy, big and bulky fly more than often does the trick when all the fish see is something like this:
you got it, its busy and noisy and to get there attention, something a lot bigger than ‘normal’ needs to stand out from all the bubbles, smaller bugs and debris that gets washed down. simply put, the dainty calmer-water flies we’ll use down or upstream of these waterfalls have a much lesser chance of being seen and trout tend to not eat what they can’t see !
knowing full well that a lot would consider this fly as more of a grayling attractor, if you remember this post you’ll also remember that the least of my interests is trying to catch ugly fish, but ! beautiful fish love it too which in turn, makes me happy  because i still get to tie and fish ugly flies without having to deal with the horrible horrids

tied with love &
hook- Demmon DGS 900 BL #10
bead- tungsten 3.5mm black
thread- Veevus 8/0 black
rib- Veevus French Tinsel large gold
after completion of the fly the rib was coated with a reddish-brown marker
abdomen- Hends Spectra Flash peacock
thorax- Hends Spectra black
brush out the dubs with a velcro stick once finished

and sometimes i wonder why they don’t see my flies…

and then sometimes i wonder how they manage to see it ! i was fishing a tiny waterfall, a fast little feeder stream that empties into a beautiful lake not far from home and managed a take on a dry fly just at my feet. after it went back in it’s bubbly world i wondered how it must look like from down there so the camera was plunged in to do the observing for me. it came back saying “crowded… “