Fly Tying- Oh Wanda !

i’ve always liked this name. it sounds primal, prehistoric, powerful and psexy.

Wanda White

Wanda (/ˈwɒndə/ won-də; Polish pronunciation: [ˈvanda])

is a female given name of Polish origin. It probably derives from the tribal name of the Wends. The name has long been popular in Poland where the legend of Princess Wanda has been circulating since at least the 12th century. In 1947 Wanda was cited as the second most popular name, after Mary, for Polish girls, and the most popular from Polish secular history. The name is popularly interpreted as meaning “wanderer.”

this hot-off-the-vise streamer pattern by Kris Keller via FlyFishingTheOzarks  looks like it’ll be super-steamy wanderer for any fish that wants a nice seductive mouthful.

Wanda Olive:White

as Kris says: “A very cool little single-hook pattern. In the right color-combo and size, I believe this fly could catch every species of game fish in the world.” and i don’t doubt that for a second and i’m sure you won’t either after seeing the way it swims.

simple to make and rather inexpensive (as far as modern streamers go), tie them as in the tutorial or like the featured variants and as always smaller or bigger to suit your particular needs. enjoy!

James Brown and Gandalf

a tasty funky streamer tying tutorial by Norbert Renaud

mix in equal parts and you’ll end up with not only one of the cutest streamers there is and if that weren’t enough,  you’ll probably start gyrating your hips while tying it. (gyrating’s good. in fact it’s the secret of all great fly tiers)

[vimeo 123338293 w=1000]

ps- be sure to tie a few extra and cut off the hook and give them to your kids and cats as toys.  enjoy !

brainwashem’ young: Miss Fingers and the Grey Ghost

interesting coincidence as i was reading back through  GOne Fishin9  while thinking of setting up a post on Davie McPhail’s Gray Ghost streamer and found this little gem.

in Davie ‘s version there isn’t a cute little helper or background birdsongs but it’s still a pretty nice fly even though he deviates quite a bit from the original above while still calling it a Grey Ghost:mrgreen:

you’ll find a lot more fly fishing kids in the brainwashem’ young series.
please share these with either your own kids or ones you might have borrowed along the way. our passion of the aquatic world and everything that goes with it is a good one, and one well worth passing on.

the Lady Gaga fly

apart from matching yellow rabbit fur hairdos, i can’t really see any resemblance with the pop singer but i won’t hold that against Eric because he ties a wicked fly !

a relatively simple tie, what makes this one stand out is it’s double tail. these things wiggle and jiggle like crazy even with a slow retrieve.
this seducing action doesn’t come without a price though as these things just LoVe to wrap like crazy around the hook while casting (this greatly changes or even ‘kills’ the flies action on retrieve. it’s lumpy and bumpy and we all know how unsexy lumps can be…
but ! there’s a rather simple method to reduce those wrapping-arounds.
– avoid trying to cast far as this promotes the possibility of wrapping because casting far makes it harder to control line tension than with shorter casts.
– cast as slowly as possible, no jerky power application. think whip-cream smooth while taking the time to taste it’s creamy smoothness.
– try to adopt the two-plane Elliptic style (some call it Belgian, Austrian and who knows what else… ) meaning, and traditionally, the back cast is performed as a side cast and before the line straightens out, ‘drift’ the rod tip back up  in a continuous move to where the rod would be at the end of a ‘normal’ overhead cast and then initiate the front cast in an overhead plane.
all of this is done in one smooth move and if done correctly, the fly, leader and line all keep a pretty good amount of tension and what we’re really achieving with this is the Gaga hairdo is always pulled away from the hook and not wrapping itself in some horrid dreadlock around the bend !