Sticky, stretchy, waterproof, the stuff that holds it all together.

cased caddis housings are simply fascinating. used for protecting their fragile abdomens, to conceal themselves among all the stream bed debris and as ballast, these seemingly simple-minded creatures are pretty ingenious to say the least. the documentary footage is excellent, explanations simple. interesting for fishers and nature lovers of all ages, be sure to share this with your little ones, specially if they’re into creepy-crawly bugs, enjoy !

a Juicy-Latexy Caddis Pupae

via Mikel Elexpuru at flymage

here’s a trout candy treat in the form of a caddis pupae. it’s an intricate tie and i’m having a hard time understanding why the messy fibers at the the head weren’t trimmed off or better yet, folded back before finishing the fly… but other than that it sure is a pretty and ‘realistic’ bug with tons of triggers.
not only do we get to brush up on our Spanish, it’s also a treat to see a great tutorial coming from a somewhat lesser known tier . enjoy !