‘because the wing was given to me by some guy that looks like Obelix…’

nothing special here, just a simple, easy, “bread and butter” caddis imitation that has all the sexy key trigger points to tempt our slimy friends.

tied from size 8 to 20 in light and dark tones and quick to make even in the van while listening to Davis blow his horn, the screen-type fabric of the wing lets light shine through while easily soaking up floatant. in calm waters i’ll apply floatant to just the wing and antennae and in faster flows the whole thing gets a good dose.

although not strictly necessary, the antennae give it a nice imprint on the surface. moose hairs aren’t the strongest of hairs so they don’t last forever and i’ll be looking for some kind of tapered plastic material to replace them on the bigger bugs. (micro-fibbets are perfect for the smaller sizes).

easy variants are to add an orange or green butt tag to represent eggs and skip the antennae.

made with:

hook- Maruto C47 BL  #16
thread- Veevus 14/0 brown
body- Mad Rabbit  dubbing mixed: reddish brown, black light grey trimmed and teased out towards the eye to represent legs
wing- mystery pre-made colored brown Obelix caddis wings
antennae- grey  moose mane colored to match and covered with BugBond for strength