Mystery Casting Pond X

this little farm pond has had many names in the past. it started as Mystery Pond X but that’s so common it was regularly confused with all the other Mystery Pond Xs around the globe so i had to get a little creative.

it used to have stocked rainbow trout in it so Lake Trouto seemed to make sense, at least in a non-confusing yet highly mindless and tacky way. the owner, a very kind, gentle and very old man whose nose is the same colour and size as a basketball stopped stocking trout a while back and the ones that where left-over eventually turned into food for furred, winged and slimy two-legged creatures but there had always been grass and common carp in there so Trouto turned into Carpo.

Lake Carpo sounds cool but after ten or so, yes, ten or so years… i’ve yet been able to properly hook one of these scaled giants. i did foul hook a grass carp whilst targeting trout years ago but it broke off the tippet in about as much time as it takes to say Lake Carpo three times really quickly. the carpers out there will scoff at my lack of success but that’s something i can live with. i’ve caught plenty of carp but just never in this little ghost carp pond-hell and that’s ok too because maybe that’s what will make Carpo so memorable.

next up was the small yet always fun and forever beautiful perch that seemed to thrive in there. i’d had several 50+ perch landing days with a personal best of 76 but they seem to have teleported themselves wherever it is that perch teleport themselves. i almost forgot, at that stage the pond of course took on the Lake Percho nomenclature. normal.

i’m probably wrong but for the moment i consider this pond to now be fishless to the point where i still go regularly to practice my casting but don’t even bring any flies to not be distracted if some fish happened to magically appear.

you got it, things go full circle so in a fit of total lack of renaming creativity, this little cutie has a new name:

Casting Pond X.

greenwave m.fauvet-TLC 3-2-16_edit_edit_edit_edit

this is the back view at CPX. funny, i’d never noticed how beautiful it could be…

foam trouser worm


McTage’s Foam Trouser Worm Carp Fly



gotta be straight-up here. i watched the video for the first time with a mix of:
woW, wtf !, and more woW !
without a doubt the strangest looking fly-creature i’ve had the pleasure to see (even for carp flies), this is fly design innovation on a whole different and new level. it’s simply brilliant. if you still have doubts wait till you see the trouser-worm  bathtub-dance sequence at the end of the clip…

post note- since carp usually don’t live in bathtubs but rather often in waters where the bottom is coated in silt, this thing is going to slide with its beads and hook shank mostly hidden along the bottom, move that silt around into little clouds with the tail dancing around seductively in the middle of them. sexy !
although designed for carp, i can’t help but think of a whole bunch of other species our little worm will get going.
click the pic for McTage’s article and materials list. enjoy !

think BIG !

more for the novelty aspect rather than the finished result or the method, here’s a parachute dry fly intended for carp on a size 2 circle hook. yes, a size 2 circle hook. carp parachutecontrary to what a lot might think, our big slimy friends do come up to the surface to feed on insects and it’s a very fun way to catch them.

so if you’re going after these big slimy fish it might be a good idea to have a few of these flies in your (very big) fly box. as noted in the video and a practical issue that immediately jumps to mind is floatation issues with such a heavy hook, specially if there’s any kind of wind or current. at first we might think that this hook size is overkill but the two carp above photographed last summer had me cautiously underestimating the bigger (top) fish at over 20kg. i still haven’t managed to catch it…
back to the fly: at this level of unsightliness… i can’t imagine it would hurt to add one more hackle around the post and  hackles with the stiffest fibers should help a lot to hold up the half bottle of floatant needed to keep this on the surface. soaking it in Permafloat or similar other permanent waterproofing liquids after tying it should do the trick !

here’s the beast, enjoy !

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carp lights

inner-town night carping is new to me and until i manage to actually catch a night carp while avoiding drunks, lovers and the strawberry-scented bait carpers i guess this will be an endeavor of ‘wishful thinking’ and patience affair.
living now on the Canal du Midi, i have the luck to see these big tantalizing fuckers stroll-rolling by just underneath my windows. in their slurpy gurgural language they call out. they want to play but they also want to play hard to get.

even with far away street lights, intensely staring into the dark is a mesmerizing experience to say the least. i like this.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

quote by Dr Seuss

driving back from a carp & bass day in northern Spain.
good thing the driver stayed awake to dream of the fish !