for the love of water

“inspired by the wonderful drawings of Kyna Leski. A precursor to a data driven visualization of water droplets drawn aloft by a vortex and carried round the world.”

not one of my usual abstractish watery pics taken while on the prowl, today’s computer-generated Drop Path simulation by Dennis Hlynsky is more than interesting and well worth the watch as it’s yet another insight to how our beloved element works, evolves and revolves around our planet. enjoy !

Exorcising the Spirit

go away, its nice to see you come but its even nicer to see you go.

the spirit ftlow M.Fauvet:TLC 26-12-14

let us get on with more interesting things, those temporary things at the end of a line.
things of beauty that have no name, no time, no price.
the things that fill our dreams, the things that we don’t own.



Vapor |ˈvāpər| (Brit.vapour)
a substance diffused or suspended in the air, esp. one normally liquid or solid: dense clouds of beautiful water.
• Physics: a gaseous substance that is below its critical temperature, and can therefore be liquefied by pressure alone. Compare with gas.
• (the vapours) dated a sudden feeling of faintness or nervousness or a state of depression for being in such a dry environment.
verb [ no obj. ]
talk in a vacuous, boasting, or pompous way: he was vaporing on about the days of his youth and when he wasn’t busy talking nonsense, he went into space and filmed our Earth’s cloud vapours for our enjoyment.

earth water vapour from space

for the love of water

specially when it has little twirlies !

twirly clous ftlow m.fauvet:tlc 18-6-14
note: this is the first and most probably the last manipulated image you’ll see here on TLC. apart from standard, basic image editing such as sharpening, colour control, contrast etc, i make a rule of not altering image content but since rules are meant to be broken at least once…