the Stupid Cobra contest !

just a reminder that you still have the chance of winning this awesome movie !
read below for details and send in your stuff before next tuesday.
it’s time to get stupid !

this month’s mega-deluxe prize is an absolutely top du top cool film just out from our friends at Imago, thanks Alex !

ok, the dvd isn’t stupid but your input will be !

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done while fly-fishing ?

contest rules-
– tell us whichever way you’d like: story, song, photo or film and send it in to by the end of April 2012 with ‘stupid contest’ as email header.
– one entry per person
– original content only
– go nuts ! let your stupidity shine !

here’s the trailer, now get stupid !

The Friggin’ Awesome Cobra Contest – Fifth Entry

alright folks, here’s another fly-photo contest entry where we don’t see a fly !… *

from Scott Loudon, Somewhere, Scotland

“Beautiful sunny day, around 25deg in Northern Scotland (unusual to say the least), first time salt water fly fishing in Scotland. Turns out to be very succesful with double figures of pollack caught, biggest 3lb for my friend, only small ones for me. On the way back to the car, I look over the bridge in the brackish water below, there are a few mid-size crabs scuttling about. I announce to my three friends that I intend to catch one on the fly much to their amusement. I drop my clouser in front of it’s nose, give it a twitch (maybe a leisenring lift! haha) and it nails it! Aggresively grabbing with both claws, and I landed it! My friends were shocked/impressed/in hysterics and quickly wanting in on the action. That’s my entertaining story to go along with it, I like to think I pioneered the sport of fly fishing for crabs.”

* i since received an enlargement where we see, well… a much bigger crab !
friggin’ awesome !