Real Gems

this is probably the most beautiful fish film i’ve ever seen.
no more words are necessary nor could they do it justice… enjoy !

Cutthroat Transmitters

via Wyoming Game and Fish Department

it always leaves a strange feeling seeing our little friends get sliced up, have an antenna pushed up their butt and find themselves with one of R2D2’s spare parts placed in their belly… but if its good for the many then i guess its a good thing.
having but the most rudimentary notions of fish biology and studies, i have no idea of the validity or effectiveness of these types of study projects but knowing about the process is quite interesting. enjoy !

three times gold

via Moldy Chum

Jay Jones catches the same big westslope Cutthroat trout 3 times over a span of 3 years.
as far as i’m concerned, that’s a lot better than some olympic medal.

this indeed says a lot about the resistance of fish and the effectiveness of catch a release but i completely disapprove of holding fish this size with one hand for the ‘glory shot’ as it can only create a lot of pressure on their vital organs.
nevertheless, this one seems to be doing just fine. fish can take a bruising and still keep cruising but it’s safer to cradle them gently with both hands . they are after all our babies.