Sulfur Emerging with Matt

by Matt Grobert  via Tightline Productions

Dorothea, oh Dorothea !
(or otherwise, Pale Evening Dun (but in this case it’s not really a Dun so let’s stick to plain old Dorothy))
watch out folks, she’s a redhead and she means business !

” These insects are actually too perfect for dry fly fishing, which makes matching their hatches difficult.

The nymphs may drift for a while just below the surface before trying to break through. When they do, it takes them a long time to crawl out of their shucks. After that, they ride the water for an exceptionally long time to dry their wings, and low-floating patterns like the Comparaduns are preferred. And as if that weren’t enough, they are also one of the most cripple-prone of all mayfly species, and trout may feed selectively on their cripples and stillborns. “

exciting ! here’s how to tie her up… 

click on the quote for more redhead info at enjoy !