Gorgeously Wet

as noted before, i don’t like the finality aspect of the term ‘perfection’ but these three fresh and very stunning wet flies recently shared by Hans Weilenmann might just be the next best thing to it in the fly tying world.

Diamonds & Rustdiamonds_rust
Grouse & Quill

Krystal Palmer
krystal_palmerbe sure to visit Hans’ FlyTier’s page at Danica.com  for a wide variety of what’s most probably the best flies from the best tiers from around the World.

Animalism (or the Tiger Nymph)

a step by step by Hans Weilenmann


if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a Weilenmann with a Tiger then look no more  ! tiger_nymph_14
unfortunately, the materials list doesn’t call for any actual tiger hairs, But !
i’m sure the local ginger puss would be more than happy to donate a fur-ball or two for this worthy cause.

click either pic to access Hans’ step by step tutorial for this oh-so-scruffy-buggy, feliny nymph. enjoy !

an Autumn Dun Variant

a super-sweet, scruffy-buggy, all-around, fishy-sexy, easy to tie mayfly dun (adult) pattern good to go any where in the world. make it smaller, bigger, longer, shorter, thinner, fatter and play around with different colors and mixes of colors to suit the local needs. enjoy !