dark, dark, dark,

just like the tannin-stained water it came from.

i have no idea what this species is but it’s happily joined to the list of fish i’ve caught on the fly.
it took a small mayfly pattern while targeting brown trout in a lake. i did manage a few trout on bigger flies but since the takes where infrequent, when i changed to the smaller size 18 and under these little scrappy things where the only ones interested.
(the image was enhanced to show some detail otherwise it was almost completely black)

interesting fish. a nice little fighter and very pretty !

EDIT: thanks to my friends Jeroen and Chris we’ve deduced that it’s a Crucian carp – Carassius carassius.

The crucian carp  is a member of the common carp family Cyprinidae.
It is a European species, and its wide range spans from England to Russia; it is found as far north as the Arctic Circle in the Scandinavian countries, and the southern extremities defined by central France and the Black Sea. Its habitat occurs in lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers. It has been established that the fish is native to England and not introduced. ”
quote source: Wikipedia

click HERE for more info on my slimy new friend and HERE for images of what its brothers and sisters look like in their lighter robe.