Dave Shipman’s ‘One hell of a Buzzer.

Buzzers – Midges:  Chironomids

a flash from the past happened as i was watching Davie McPhail’s tying video of this truly amazing pattern. a lot of memories trickled back of all the good trout-stalking fun and success i’ve had with this pattern and i thought i’d share it here.
often neglected because of it’s ‘looks like nothing’ appearance…, i’ve heard they’re banned in some waters because they’re so effective.
(see, i wasn’t kidding, they’re awesomely butt-ugly !  these old munched and crunched ones come from my box, they’re around 3-4 years old and a conservative guesstimation has them at maybe 25-30 fish each)

created in the 70’s by Dave Shipman to imitate ‘buzzer or chironomid hatches on England’s Rutland reservoir, it can be fished with a floating line on top like a dry, half way in/half way out like an emerger or sunk.
dead-drifted with the wind or animated slooooowly, it’s a pretty rare occasion where these won’t catch the fish’s attention.
sizes range from no. 8 to 28 sized hooks.  any color will do with personal favorites being black, red, claret, and darkish brown and combining all those colors makes it super-versatile and sexy !

i’ve had great success with it in rivers and streams as well. it’s not just a stocked fish stillwater pattern because midge distribution is getting bigger and bigger because of pollution and other nasties: the ‘standard’ trout bugs have a hard time living in dirtier waters and the midges move in because their metabolism allows it.

here’s how Davie ties it, in fact he ties three different versions for us. enjoy !

btw, don’t forget this previously talked about method of presenting them:
Frank Sawyer’s Bow Tie