a little love

‘Harrop-style cripple on a TMC 101 #18 by David Stenström

sure, we see very small and much smaller flies all the time but it’s not every day we get to see one that has all the very same elements and proportions as a much bigger fly so successfully condensed to this size. i can’t think of a trout water on earth where this little cutie wouldn’t do wonders…

a little love

for more of David’s super-sweet treats be sure to click the pic.

the ‘Henryville Special’

previously showcased David Stenström outdoes himself once again both in tying virtuoso and in photography skills with this little caddisy beauty originally created by Hiram Brobst of the Pocono Mountains region of Eastern Pennsylvania.

the Henryvile Special - David Stenström

i don’t like the concept of perfection but if i did, this would be very close. woW…

Flight’s Fancy

and fancy it is, what a gorgeous set of wings !

some interesting fly-world trivia, David Stenström and Niklas Dahlin, both accomplished and world-wide respected tiers specialized in the Catskills style both live in Uppsala, Sweden. further proof that the boundaries of style and tradition aren’t what they used to be.

this gem and many others can be found by visiting both of these gentlemen’s sites. enjoy !