number One

a gorgeous ‘butter-brown’ first fish for me of the 2013 Gathering trip caught somewhere on the river Wye in England.
Gathering 2013 1st trout
a little fancified size 18 Bob Wyatt-style Deer Hair Emerger (peacock quill body and EP International fibers as the wing instead of deer hair) under the branches on the other side of the stream did the trick. it wanted to go dig into some exposed tree roots and actually did but thank who/whatever for Stroft nylon.

Gathering 2013 1st trout - 2a few seconds on the grass to get a quick pic of the 50 or so cm trout in full and off you go !

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DHE 2.0

Bob Wyatt‘s  Deer Hair Emerger, an updated version tied by Hans Weilenmann

what a treat ! a few months back we had seen Bob tie his Snow Shoe Hare Emerger variant of the mega-classic D.H.E. and here’s an awesome tutorial with a new twist.
notice the ‘reversed dubbing’, the pronounced deer hair stubs, Hans’ sparse use of thread and specially the ultra-buggy appearance of the finished fly.
this is definitely a pattern to have in different sizes and colors in every box. enjoy !

be sure to check out Hans’ site for the absolute best online collection of flies from around the world.