Jason’s catching up

as a lot of us casting geeks know, Jason Borger‘s been working on his  soon to be out (and looooong-awaited !) ‘Single-Handed Fly Casting – A Modular Approach’ book so we’ll half-pardon him for not keeping up with Jeff Kennedy and their Drawing Fish and Flies 52 weekly challenge but once again, the wait was worth it !
here’s a Popsicle splash
and here a Royal Wulff 49dff52-rwulff-120812
one for every flavor, both gorgeous.
enjoy !

happy monday !

with the hope that these lovely images will alleviate some of the moaning and groaning

first, from Jeff

“Wanted to create a view as if I was swimming with the salmon. Kind of like merging onto the salmon super highway.”

then, from Jason.

“Driftless Brown”


two wonderful and different renditions of the same fish by our dynamic-drawing duo Jason Borger and Jeff Kennedy from their ongoing project Drawing Fish and Flies 52



be sure to check out their other pieces by clicking their pics. enjoy !

fish and flies

from Jeff Kennedy and Jason Borger’s continued series Drawing Fish and Flies 52, here’s two fantastic drawings that caught my eye,  tasty treats for the eyes to start off what’s going to be an awesome week !
– Jason’s bluegill
and Jeff’s Adams