out Graylinging

a surprise fly-fair popped up (well, sort of… ) in Argentat, France and the best part is i’ll be demoing single-hand spey and presentation casts but the really best part is the organizers don’t even know it yet ! :mrgreen:

outside of the weather service saying it’s supposed to rain all weekend and seeing great friend Fabrice, this part of the Dordogne river is the only river in France still open to grayling fishing. (trout and grayling waters all close at the same time in France. apparently, most anglers can’t tell the difference between the two or how to fish for them separately… ) anyhow, even though grayling are a despicable species and since carping waters are mostly mud, the opportunity of fishing ‘trout’ waters even surrounded by a bunch of frogs is too hard to pass up !
lines need to be lubed, bags filled and i need to find my good-luck Punto-Blanco boxer shorts and buy tons of chocolate. i hope you all have a great weekend !

for some strange reason, should you want to know very little more about this event and can deal with incomprehensible french, click the pic.

bursting at the seams…

an ‘implosion’ nymph for a make-believe situation.
the idea was to combine the scruffy appearance of an emerging nymph breaking out of its shuck at the surface, one that might not have made it through the surface film and was washed down in the water column by the river’s current.
a nice little surprise bonus happened when i turned off the tying lamp. the tungsten bead head glows in the dark ! these fish’ll never know what hit them !
anyhow, i’m pretty sure the fish won’t have a clue of what i was thinking about but i’m pretty darn sure it’ll work just fine with grayling. they lack imagination and aren’t very smart…

Master tier, Steve Silverio commented somewhere else on this fly and it has a new name in his honor – D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival)
 ” Hah! I was referring to the term “Dead On Arrival” Marc, as you have designed your nymph. Pursuing your line of thought; just when things were looking good for this little guy, he croaks and so presents himself to the trout in his tastiest form, and easiest to capture – DOA ! ”  trés 😎 thanks Steve ! 

made with-
– love
– Hayabusa 388 # 12
– glow in the dark 3mm white tungsten bead
Veevus 12/0 white thread
– abdomen: Hends  Spectra peacock and fluo orange dubbing ribbed with a strip of Wild Hamster skin (yes ! Wild Hamster !)
– thorax: partridge fiber hind legs, pheasant tail fibers wingcase, hare’s ear dubbing brown, seal’s fur black
– the wild hamster skin was colored light brown underneath and dark brown on top. all dubbing fibers where pulled out, then trimmed to shape. Bug-Bond uv glue was applied on the wing case to give it an ‘air bubble’ look and to protect these delicate fibers