the last Molt

i can’t figure out why but this dun to spinner transformation stuff gets me all excited ! after two seconds i immediately shut down the sucky music and found myself grunting along with the beast simultaneously shouting PUSH – PULL – PUSH !!!
for the full exhilarating experience i suggest you do the same. note how near the end it just ‘walks away’ from its front-right leg just as any self-respecting zombie might do. too cool, enjoy !



from Amprods.Se mosquito amprods

not a ‘fishing’ insect in the sense that we’d want to imitate them with our flies but one we all must have to deal with at one time or another. it’s not like seeing how beautiful the emerging beast will make us feel any better when the female takes out flesh and blood from our exposed skin but it’s still nice to watch. enjoy !

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Daddy Long-Legging ?

one of the most interesting videos i’ve seen on this subject !
the protagonist raises some interesting questions on entomological nomenclature and maybe the foremost; what could we call this long legged creature ?

why not Sally Six Eyes ?

or CupCake Spider ?

or Play Dead While I Photograph You !

or Some Weird Fly I Nicked From a German Site ?

when all it takes is a three second google search to find out that it’s real name is Crane fly, which can also be a NoneSensical poem or food for spiders or Venus FlyTraps or what Davie McPhail likes to call a Daddy/Snatcher !