a nice hot shower.

’twas a real treat for this season’s first wet-wading session. there where a few masheer involved, i’ll post pics when i find the memory card…

Borneo Stickman 8wt m.fauvet:tlca big thanks to Dron Lee for the awesome grasshopper imitation !

click the pic for more info on the Stickman T8 Evil Black

Darth Nympher

darth nympher 1 m.fauvet:tlc

alright, the name’s complete dork but i couldn’t help it…

made with-
hook- Demmon DGS 900 BL #16
bead- black brass 2mm
thread- Veevus 8/0 black 
rib- Veevus Monofil 0,20mm black
thorax- Buggy Dubbing black

some parts of the rib shifted from its segmentation symmetry when the retracting varnish i applied dried but that’s ok. Darth wasn’t perfect either.