ethel the streaker

having had a handful of these great flies tied by great buddy and fantabulous tier Niklas Dahlin (and caught quite a few nice fish) this is a highly recommended fly to have. while running around naked can certainly be sort of fun, this kind of streaking is a blast because we don’t have to worry about drag-free drifts as the objective is to on the contrary, pull the fly across the current or lake and takes are usually explosive and we’ll often see the fish run after it, sometimes from far away, further upping the adrenaline levels compared to most other forms of fly fishing. cool !
now, i’ll gladly admit that working with deer hair has always left a hmmm… feeling, one of finding substitute materials which can lead to great working flies but not advancing and expanding my tying technique. having saved this one a while ago to pull out as a winter project, i thought i’d share it here as well as i know i’m not the only one with deer-hair-yuk tendencies.

as always, Davie demonstrates his perfect technique and explains this tie remarkably. of notice as well is his explanation on dubbing without wax as with most materials it’s completely unnecessary and even hinders the process.
for a lot of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the caddis season is well over which will leave us (me !) plenty of time to get this fly down pat before tying one on but then, they also make excellent indicator flies for fishing heavier winter nymphs. enjoy !