‘whoever said a mayfly tail couldn’t be sexy was wrong.

Markus Hoffman hollow tailExtended Mayfly Quill Body by Markus Hoffman

i’ve seen a number of pre-made rubber hollow bodies aiming towards the same effect, but they where so ugly that using them felt more like an insult to fly tying but mostly to the fish.

and then comes Markus’ ever-creative mind that gives birth to this ingenious, simple, quick, realistic, transparent, lively looking, for-sure floating (because of all the trapped air when tied in) and just too friggin’ yummy mayfly abdomen for a fish to pass up.
by using the same pin and uv resin technique but using different sized and shaped pins and varying tail materials or not even placing a tail at all, under-body colours and rib materials we’ll end up with a whole range of delicious extended bodies to suit any hatching bug.
something tells me this  technique will be remembered and passed on for a while. simply brilliant, good on ya Markus. thanks !


a Crane Fly/Daddy Long-Legs detached body tutorial by Davie McPhail

daddy long legs mcphail

after what seemed like an endless break from the tying video scene, it sure is nice to see Davie back again with this new juicy treat full of yum trigger points for the fish to key on. this fly’s particularly big because it fits in with the naturals in his area and the tier will adapt both size and color to match their own. aside from all the usual goodies and tips and tricks we can take away from Davie’s vids, i particularly liked the melting and resultant cute little burned-butt effect at the tip of the extended foam body.
nice, simple, neat. enjoy !

Jim’s extended-body

by Jim Lees 

knowing Jim personally, ‘extended-body’ wouldn’t be the first thing i think of when thinking of him but that’s maybe the sign of a great fly dresser: always expect the unexpected !

jim & marc ifff 2011fishing buddies Marc and Jim at the IFFF 2011, Killyleagh, N. Ireland. (the guy in the back is holding up the pub)

“In most circumstances I’m not a huge fan of extended body flies but where I happily make an exception and where extended bodies really excel is with flies like the Daddy Long Legs or Danica Mayfly. With those flies you’re not sacrificing hook size or performance when you have the hook shank contain just the thorax of the fly.

So assuming you want extended bodies where do you go from there? Buy in or make your own?”

buying bodies. that just doesn’t sound right… better to go the Jim way by clicking the pic to access this great step by step tutorial.
once done, be sure to check out this post where Jim explains how to mount these sexy tubes. (somehow, that sounds a lot better)
enjoy !

Light Cahill’s extended body

a Matt Grobert fly via Tightline Productions

of particular interest, this video shows us a nice, simple and nifty way to create an extended-body generic mayfly pattern. i’ve seen this style many times before and i don’t know if Matt is the creator of this method but this tutorial indeed demonstrates this technique best.
as an option, other tiers will slick-down the body with varnish or uv resin to make the finished body thinner to match their local bugs. as might be expected, this thinner, coated  version will only help this part of fly sink as a sealed material can not soak up fly floatant but sometimes that’s not such a bad thing as the half in/half out appearance could suggest an emerging fly struggling to break through the water’s surface tension. as Matt’s use of rabbit dubbing on the video suggests that the thorax would be underwater, the tier wishing to have a higher floating fly can easily substitute for other coarser materials such as hare, seal’s fur or even foam. enjoy !