Oh, you’ve got green eyes Oh, you’ve got blue eyes Oh, you’ve got shrimp eyes.

it’s New Wave and Shrimp Eye Day here in the south of France, so without further ado, to start off the festivities here’s a brilliant burnt-mono shrimp eye tutorial by Curtis Fry at Fly Fish Food.

“I’m sure most anyone has seen or has created their own monofilament eyes. It’s not rocket science, but there are still a few things I’ve found that make it easier yet keep a bit of realism in the mix.

mono_eyes Curtis Fry FFF

So for this method, you’ll need: ” to click the pic above for the complete materials list and awesome how-to video with some very interesting tips and tricks to make your own great looking shrimpy eyes.
keep in mind that mono-eyes can be used for streamers, damsel and other nymph imitations as well as for dry flies: the big and bulging adult mayfly eyes come to mind but that’s far from all. use the same technique and vary sizes and colours to suit.

as for the New Wave, i’m not really into this soft and sticky stuff but since it’s about Shrimp Eyes….  enjoy !

fish parts

it’s been a ritual of mine to always go out fishing on my birthday. for whatever reasons this didn’t happen these last two years so it’s good to get back to norm.
i saw a gorgeous double rainbow on the way there and in two hours, seven trout, a perch and a rudd came to the net. not bad.
here’s a few underwater shots from yesterday evening’s outing.

monday’s fly

it’s going to be a fantastic week !

the reviews section is going to kick off with a long-term test of two juicy Imago rods and two delicious tippet spool holders. add to that some more sweet kiddy stuff with more on the gluey fly casting side with the Roll cast and The Five Essentials and some sweet and sour goofy photos from last saturday’s fair in Uppsala and let’s not forget The Friggin’ Awesome Limp Cobra Holiday Photo Contest  that ends on saturday at midnight.
hurry up and send in your entries !