fly fishing at night

some really good ideas and insights on night fishing here by Lee Cummings.

it’s all good but maybe no. 1 is the most important 😉

Ok, In no particular order…

1 Dont watch stupid horror movies in the weeks leading up to when you might be out night fishing for Sea trout on your own. :)

5 If you smoke, carry multiple lighters and store it all in the highest/driest and most easily accessible pockets.

2 The last song you hear as you lock up your car is something that will probably be in your head all night, make sure that it was not some rubbish off the radio that will just go round and round your brain, tormenting you to distraction whilst you fish!

8 If you do not have to wade at night…… then don’t!

to find the more ‘traditional’ fishing-related tips click HERE, enjoy !