one for the FFF fly casting definitions committee…

from Oxford Dictionaries ‘The world’s most trusted dictionaries’



Definition of fly-casting


steppin’ back in

after a few weeks of shoulder pains a little ‘getting back to shape’ casting session brought back the oh-so needed fix.  the SnakeCharmer is turning out to be something really special, a high performance, hard-to-put-down rod specially when paired to a Barrio long-belly GT140 line. a truly superb combo.

it’s really amazing how easy casting form both goes away and comes back. every time i’ve had a break from the rod the exact same fault inevitably creeps up: using too much force.
1, 2, 3 take a few deep breaths. relax the cheeks, think smooth, silky-sexy and bingo, the  body gets back to doing what it’s supposed to do and tight and controlled loops start rolling off the rod tip: back in the ‘zone’.