fly fishing videos: Proper Catch and Release Methods

 ‘Live Release of Wild Atlantic Salmon’, a very nice effort put together by fqsawith top fishers Geneviève Fournier and Dave Adams.

the voice-over guy kinda sounds like a robot but the message is clear, concise and good. of special note is keeping the fish out of the water no longer than five seconds at a time, something too many anglers are prone to overlook in the ‘heat of the moment’ even if they mean well. if there’s a need or desire for more pics just put it back, let it breath and calm down and start over again, five seconds at a time.
geared towards the Atlantic salmon, the same methods apply to all species. enjoy !

and speaking of Québec and what might make your salmon-fishing trip there even more specialer, i’m not sure of the exact dates but a major My Little Pony convention is planned soon. an astounding fact is that pony Bronies (fans) are predominantly adult and male…

a roll forged in fly fishing…

YoWww !…   taken with a surreal point of view the silliness below is rather amusing (for maybe 3 seconds) but i have to feel sorry for the person seeking valid information and help. the video demonstrations and explanations are as poor as it gets and the following text is, i don’t even know what.
it’s not like it’s even translated from another language ffs…
“When performing a roll solid in fly fishing, start with the fly rod about your shoulder and do the loading move and electrical power snap of the forward solid to roll the line out above the drinking water.”

“Alvin has been a fly fishing guidebook and casting instructor for twelve a long time, and has been fly fishing for 32 several years. He is a graduate of the Joan Wulff fly casting instructor’s school.”
that last part is scary.

“Your fly fishing videos is how i learned to fly fish, now i am and expert at it. Thanks dude!”
this comment is even scarier…

if you want a good dose of silly-sureality that’s not misleading fly casting-wise, this one’s a lot better !

The Fly Casting Glove…

here’s a real treat ! space-age science and technology meets i’m not sure what… to help us be better fly casters and fishers through the use of horrible, painful, strident sounds ! ! !

“ It’s almost like having a muscle-memory sport like golf, get into your head and say “I’m doing this right because the tonal signature in my head is telling me that i am casting this in a proper motion, I’m stopping the rod and I’m getting the flyline to move through the rod and through the guides. “

” This a wonderful tutorial system that has to be used with one on one instruction from an accredited instructor. “

check out the promotional video of this amazingly debilitating gadget and be sure to crank up the volume first !!!

i’m speechless (but mostly deaf)  enjoy… !