/ˈbjʊər/  | muʃ |

that’s the literal translation in french for butterfly but that doesn’t go too well with the little frenchie:
the stream-side beauty insists on papillon.

back to front

and back to paying more attention to what’s behind me at the lake instead of in front.
i guess old habits are hard to break specially when you’re not trying to break them.

no excuses

just a head’s up. i suspect its most probably a personal over-saturation of so many fish, fisher, fishing equipment images i seem to run into all day long that all blend and blur into one that’s killing, for lack of a better term, my own desire, at least temporarily, to be making any of those types of images myself.
another issue, again, for lack of a better term, is its been about a year now that my beloved waterproof camera died. the fishing camera, not the ‘land’ camera that stays on land but the one that goes where its supposed to go.
it was quickly replaced but it’s just not up to par image-quality wise and maybe more importantly, its not a fun or user-friendly camera, at least not how the old one was.
the replacement’s replacement will hopefully be out soon on the market and attached to my chestpack. sure, there’s always the anticipation of a new tool/toy but i’m mostly counting on it to rekindle the flame.

in the meantime, i’ll continue the ‘on the way to the water and back’ series.

a hilltop field,stripefield m.fauvet-TLC 2-5-16

and the parking spot.2toned parking m.fauvet-TLC 30-4-16i had a great afternoon.

another view of France

no anger, no nationalism, no blood, no politics, no religion, no patriotism, no violence, no fear.
just fields.

stereotypes show us the Eiffel tower, baguettes, people with bad teeth, cheese and quite attractive women in mini-skirts and while all those can be rightly considered symbols of this nation, there’s of course a lot more to it than that. France, just like many other countries is primarily agricultural, take a flight over the country and almost all you’ll see are fields. real nature can be found here and there but man’s intervention dominates the landscape but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its unattractive. more than mere symbols of the need for food and commerce, they’re a strong reminder of the ones who created them.

this place is just around the corner but it could be anywhere. all these fields seem to convey the same feeling; one of peace and quiet, of serenity and timelessness and contemplation. these fields occasionally get washed out by storms, hail and even fire but they always grow back and so will those who made and loved and tended them for its their home and homes occasionally need to be rebuilt.

France m.fauvet-TLC 14-11-15

not very fishy,

but the fields going to and from the casting pond always bring something a little special to the trip.

i haven’t had the opportunity to see if the new camera’s fish/underwater friendly but so far it seems to like what’s happening above the surface.