Fly Fishing in 3D

“This is some of my fly fishing images split into layers and converted into a 3D effect – The idea is to integrate this effect into some filming projects planned for this season”
this experimental preview treat by Eoin Fairgrieve sure is promising. i’m really looking forward to see how integrates these trippy editing techniques in future films. be sure to watch it in full screen, enjoy !

fog music

when you average driving 40,000 km per year you get to see a lot of interesting and beautiful places and sometimes the beauty is more subtle than others. the one below i didn’t get to see at all but that didn’t take away a bit of it’s charm.

filmed in the clouds on a french Pyrenees mountain peak coming back from a day of largemouth bass hunting in Spain with Fabrice and Loïc.  

Fish and Cow

” As the western United States continues to face the increasing pressures of development, ranchers are becoming valuable allies in the fight to conserve large, ecologically intact landscapes. Historically, ranching has been depicted as an activity at odds with conservation efforts. By exploring the relationships that have developed between biologists and ranchers in the Big Hole Valley, this film re-examines the role private landowners can play in maintaining the biological integrity of large intact landscapes.

The rancher’s restoration efforts, which initially began in response to the declining population of fluvial Arctic grayling, have grown into one of the largest restoration efforts of its kind. The private landowners have acted as important stewards for the valley for generations and with their continued support, this remote and rugged valley located in the southwest corner of Montana will remain intact and unspoiled for generations to come. “