although not exclusively as we’ll also find sculptures, fish art tends to be a painted, drawn or digitised, two-dimensional affair.
regular readers here already know how much i love 2D fly fishing art but clever stuff like this anamorphic object made out of 160 glass strips adds another level of magic to this love. beyond the cool visual stimulation, the inevitable fish/bird symbiotic connection makes it all the more special, i hope you’ll enjoy this as much as i do.

for more visual/mind candy by Thomas Medicus click here.

proportion perfect

a delightful blast from the not-so-far past from Jeff Kennedy and the much missed Drawing Flies 52 project.
i’m not the nostalgic type but Jeff’s and Jason Borger‘s fly and fish art collaboration where very special. their art is still out there, easily viewable for anyone willing to do a little research. i guess its the “what’ll they come with next week ?” i miss most.

proportionally perfect - Jeff Kennedy

giffed flies for giffed fish.

some nice little gifts for us from The Watershed

tumblr_n4ycr5eDJk1taq0qwo1_1280tumblr_n4yc4kMRGF1taq0qwo1_1280this should come in handy when we’re in one of those
‘can’t figure out what fly to use for whatever that species is’ moods.

a Whale of a story

“A ship landing on a whale mistaken for an island in an early thirteeth century bestiary (London, British Library, Harley MS 4751, f. 69r, c. 1230-1240).”

Sea Monsters (C van Duzer)
“In the Indian Ocean there are whales which are so large that they seem to be islands. And sometimes because of the soil they have on them plants grow on their backs. Men crossing the sea sometimes land on these whales, which, when they feel the movement of men on them, hurry down into the depths, and so the men are drowned.”

bad, bad fishes !  click the pic for lots more map monsters on BibliOdyssey. enjoy !

“Brown Trout”

by Dan Sharley via MidCurrent

%22Brown Trout%22 Dan Sharley - MidCurrent

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Corinne Dardé loves taking images of Parisian walls. i love her images.

corinne dardé wallfish 4-8-13

wet spectrum

by Daniel Lopez

i’ve been getting reports from here and there around the world from friends who are either going through the winter blues or their area is hidden by clouds. here’s a little sunshine for ya !

bluegill Daniel Lopezbe sure to click the image to access Daniel’s site for a lot more sunshiny eye candy. enjoy !

“It’s not like we really need any more blue these days… “

not a cloud, not a wind and it’s been 35° in the shade for the last two weeks but what the heck, this one’s beautiful.

Jeff Kennedy 13-7-13bluegill portrait by Jeff Kennedy

if you’re in the mood for more fishy art click the pic.

Fish beauty contest

both look towards the west, one looks fierce and the other well, indecisive about how it should look.
(or it might simply be in awe because it was portrayed so beautifully)
anyhow, i like them both.

Cutthroat-SloughCreek DeYoungby Derek DeYoung

'cuda J Kennedyby Jeff Kennedy

either one would be one hell of  a better gift than some roses for your sweetheart.
to enjoy more fish portraits click the pics to access each artist’s site.

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monday’s biggun’

chowing down on what appears to be juicy party-popper, today’s yummy acrylic Wisco Brown treat comes to us from Jeff Kennedy.

wisco brown

click the pic to access Jeff’s page for tons more fishy goodnesses. enjoy !

Britt’s Beauty

Britt Freda

a stunning fish painting by Britt Freda i originally found on Tumblr via Moldy Chum via Patagonia Fly Fishing and now via The Limp Cobra !
in the end, it doesn’t matter where it comes from: as the fish portrayed so beautifully, they travel, they’re always on the prowl, they’re where they belong, they’re free.

be sure to check out more of Britt’s work by following the link. enjoy !


by Stanislav Aristov via Chicquero


” everyday icons and objects formed from matches burning brightly against a black background – after creating the shapes by bending them mid-burn, he uses a macro lens and studio flash to capture the flame and smoke. “

this brings back a certain magic that anyone who has stared at campfires for a while remembers for life.