The closer he looks at the fish, the less he sees…

“We refer to the custom of placing a quantity of small dots of two colours very near each other, and allowing them to be blended by the eye placed at the proper distance … The results obtained in this way are true mixtures of coloured light … This method is almost the only practical one at the disposal of the artist whereby he can actually mix, not pigments, but masses of coloured light.”
Georges Seurat on Pointillisme

“We do it out of contempt for human art, but mostly because it makes us pretty.”
Trout on ‘The Beautiful art of Camouflage’

RB dosalfin m.fauvet-TLC 3-6-15

Fish Fins

with a little of this and a little of that, this self explanatory compendium of different species gives a non-exhaustive but pretty good nomenclature idea of our slimy friend’s propulsion systems, their shapes and specificities. enjoy !













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